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Creating the perfect capsule wardrobe

Are you one of those people that have a wardrobe that is simply groaning at the seams, yet never have anything to wear? When you’ve got too much choice, it can be difficult wading through what you have in order to find exactly what you’re looking for. If that is the case, perhaps it is time for you to have a go at the less is more mantra and start thinking about what pieces you need to help keep things to a minimum.

And with a capsule wardrobe, not only will you get to de-clutter a bit, which is always especially nice at this time of the year, but you can easily do it at a pleasantly reasonable price too since you don’t need to splash out on numerous items. So know exactly what is in your wardrobe and what to wear at any time by creating your own capsule collection.

Form-fitting jeans

Everyone should own a pair of jeans that are flattering, fairly comfortable and which can be dressed up or down at a pinch. And that is why a pair of form-fitting jeans should top your capsule wardrobe list.

Different shapes do suit different jean styles, and you’ll know your own body best to decide on the style that you prefer. Whether that is a slight boot-cut, slinky skinnies, high-waisted or straight leg, do make sure that the size and fit is absolutely spot on. The most flattering and versatile shade is a deep blue, since not only will this colour wear well, but it suits most other shades too.

A roll-neck sweater

Is it just us, or does a roll-neck sweater conjure up images of insouciant fashionistas enjoying a coffee in a Parisian café? The French of course know a thing or 2 about pared back and minimalist style, so make this addition to your wardrobe for a piece of knitwear you’ll be able to bring out practically all year round.

A fine knit is the most versatile, although a chunkier knit does have the added advantage of being that little bit cosier. The best colours to choice are neutral ones like cream, grey, black, navy and maroon since they will blend seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe.

Basic white tee or tank

You can’t beat a good wardrobe staple, and what could be more basic than a simple white tee or tank. This season, tank tops are set to be everywhere, but whether you choose to have sleeves or not, a crisp white tee is a great addition to make to any wardrobe.

Do avoid slogans or patterns though, and go for a design in its simplest and purest form. In this way it won’t clash with anything, and the stunningly simple style can do all the talking for you.


It doesn’t have to necessarily be black, but a cocktail or tea dress that can either be glammed up for a night out or which is ideal for smart daytime affairs is an essential. If you’re not certain what sort of style to go for, then choose a classic skater shape since that is really flattering for most figures and is both day and night-time appropriate.

Black is the ultimate go-to choice of course, but floral motifs, polka dots and even subtle stripes can all look fantastic too. Aim for a length that is just above, on, or below the knee, and make sure it is not too plunging to ensure that you won’t feel too risqué during the day!

Fashionable flats

It is no secret that we love flat shoes, and it is important for your capsule wardrobe that you have at least one pair that are comfortable yet smart, and which can be donned for a whole host of occasions from drinks to dinner.

This season there are plenty of elegant and slightly pointed models out there, and since these make our legs look longer, suit both work-wear and smart-casual styles, and are just so much more comfortable than heels, snoop out a lovely pair in a suitable shade to go with the rest of your wardrobe. At the moment we love subtle dove grey and dusky pink shades.

A blazer

Tweeds, pastels, traditional greys and blacks – it doesn’t matter what shade it is, a well-fitted blazer adds instant tailoring to your look and can really bring it together. A good blazer is so handy for both work and casual life, so if you don’t already own one, spend some time shopping for one to suit.

We particularly love little details like a fun lining that means you can roll the sleeves back, and interesting buttons – don’t forget you can always easily change the buttons too if you want to alter the look of the blazer. For this season, pale purple is one of the key colour trends so if you’re not sure what shade to choose, pick this!

Sleek, minimalist and sure to help you make the most of your style – a capsule wardrobe is a practical, space-saving and simple way to approach fashion. With this type of dressing, it is easy to stay on top of the hottest trends by updating and tweaking your style essentials. One of our favourite stores with a big online presence where you’ll be able to get all of the best pieces for you capsule is Forever 21, since their prices are always really reasonable and they have got an enormous choice.

So start having a good spring clean and thinking about how to introduce simple and straightforward fashion into your routine. Once you’ve gotten used to a less-overwhelming choice, you’ll never look back.

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