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Knitting – it’s not just for your granny!

With celebrities like Amanda Seyfried loving the art, an absolutely massive online community, and the fact that you can enjoy the pleasure of making things for yourself, knitting has only grown from strength to strength and is once again in vogue, and showing no signs of going anywhere!

If you’ve always been amazed at what those in the knit know-how can create just with a piece of string and a couple of needles, then when it comes to learning there is no time like the present. With a huge wealth of information on the internet, not to mention helpful friends and family members, try something new and get in on the wave of cool new knitters.

Getting started

Starting anything new is usually the hardest part, but since there are so many great tutorials on the internet, you can really easily teach yourself. Invest in a cheap ball of wool and some needles which you can find in any pound shop – try to buy DK (double knitting) wool and a pair of 4mm straight needles. Neither too big nor too small, these will help you to get your tension right which is the trickiest part to master. Once you’ve got that done, the world is your knitted oyster.

In order to knit effectively, you’ll need to be able to know 2 different stitch types – knit and purl. These aren’t difficult and with a combination of these you can get cracking on all sorts of effects.

Popular effects explained

Speaking of effects, there are always some knitting styles that are pretty much never out of fashion. To help you understand a bit more about the styles you like, here are just a few of the most popular ones:

Fair Isle: Using 2 or more colours, this effect creates stunning motifs like snowflakes and zigzags and is known for its incredible ski sweater designs. Simple Fair Isle motifs can be achieved even by novice knitters.

Aran: Typically done in cream shades, these features lovely textured stitches and cabling that make any Aran item lovely and warm. A more complicated style than Fair Isle, this is best left until you have a bit more experience.

Lace: This involves decreasing, increasing and skipping stitches in order to create a lovely lace effect. There are so many different types of lace, that once you get the hang of reading a pattern, you’ll be able to give a basic lace repeat a go.

Think big

As you get more experienced in knitting, you’ll find you get quicker, but initially to make sure you don’t lose interest, use bigger needles and chunky wool on your projects. Your work will grow much quicker in this way, you’ll be able to spot mistakes more easily and of course chunky knitwear is really a popular fashion style.

Finding inspiration

When it comes to looking for tips, patterns and inspiration, Instagram and Pinterest are the sites to visit. Using the hashtag ‘knittersofinstagram’, you can discover stunning designs from home knitters from all over the world. And on Pinterest, there are lots of stitch dictionaries and free patterns. And if you want to get going straight away, have a look at the kits and tutorials on Wool and the Gang for stylish pieces loved by the fashion set.

Cool, satisfying and a great way to get the exact knitwear that you want, knitting is a lot more chic than you think.


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